• John DiMuccio

Italian Red Superstar Crowd Pleaser

Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

This is one of our favorite wines on the market right now, and never fails to disappoint year after year. It is a super enjoyable red that stands up to food like a boss or simply in your glass with some Netflix. Cantina Zaccagnini has also been a crowd-pleasing wine on many occasions for us. 

We found some dried herbs, green pepper, and some figs on nose. Flavors of those same notes were paired with spice. There was a nice balance of green herbs and ripe fruit. The mouthfeel was great--delicate tannins, dry with a long finish. Complexity of flavors was there, especially commendable for a $12-14 wine Definitely give this one a try! It would be a great wine to bring to a party--tasty, versatile, and it's in some cool packaging!   

Approx. Cost: $12-14 

Food Pairing: Pasta with red sauces, pizza, grilled herb-dressed pork chops 

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