• John DiMuccio

Red Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels?

Cooper & Thief: Red Wine Blend

Never did we think we would go against the purist in us, but when something has to do with bourbon AND wine in the same bottle, we're on to something.... We were a bit leery on an unknown varietal red blend, as it doesn't note the grapes used in its making. After a bit of research, we did learn that they used: 38% Merlot | 37% Syrah | 11% Zinfandel | 7% Petite Sirah | 4% Cabernet Sauvignon | 3% Other Reds (other reds????).

"Born from mischief" indeed, this dark inky wine packs a punch. It is loaded with blackberry jam notes and then finishes with a nice roasty toasty caramel. It has an excellent mouthfeel, full-bodied, and smooth as can be. The long finish really carries out the bourbon nicely. There's a subtle heat—to be expected as it boasts a 17% ABV, similar to a fortified wine.

We'd suspect that this would be a crowd-pleaser—please no big crowds, per its retail. Seriously though, although it is a strong deep full-bodied wine, many different wine drinkers (and definitely those who love bourbon AND wine) would be pleasantly surprised. 

Pair with: Smoked brisket or definitely on its own

Retail: $25-28

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